The Downtown Hartland Business Improvement District, also known as the Hartland BID, is excited to present a new way for you to learn about all things happening in downtown Hartland in 2018—monthly articles posted to our website and social media (Facebook and Twitter)! With each new article, you can expect to learn something new about downtown Hartland, such as:

  • Seasonal and annual events
  • Current and new businesses in downtown Hartland
  • Business activity and exciting news

Our goal is to help our residents and visitors learn about all the great things happening in downtown Hartland from various perspectives of business guest writers and BID staff and volunteers.

What is the BID?

You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is a business improvement district or BID?” A business improvement district (BID) is a geographical area where property and business owners fund and oversee the economic vitality, improvement, and promotion of their commercial district.

Downtown Hartland BID–A Place to Dine, Shop, and Connect

The Hartland BID provides services and improvements above and beyond those offered the Village. The BID is run by a Board of Directors, elected by members in the district, and is in charge of making critical decisions about programs and services, budget and policies. The organization was formed in 2007 and works to offer many useful programs to its member businesses to help improve downtown Hartland.

As we look forward to an exciting 2018, we will continue to hold fun events for residents and visitors to Hartland and increase the number of businesses in downtown Hartland.

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