Hartland Business Improvement District Façade Improvement Grant Program

The Hartland Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) Façade Improvement Grant Program is established to stimulate exterior building improvements to existing, eligible commercial buildings in the B.I.D. which are sufficient in scope to produce positive, visible changes that impact the building facades. The program goals are to enhance the atmosphere of downtown as determined by the B.I.D.
▪ Promote a high level of maintenance for a sustainable B.I.D. district.
▪ Promote commercial vitality and increase economic activity.
▪ Maintain or improve existing property values in the B.I.D. district and adjacent areas.
▪ Enhance the overall attractiveness of the B.I.D. district.
▪ Add to the tax base and enhance the Tax Incremental District (T.I.D.)
3. PROJECT AREA – The Village of Hartland Business Improvement District boundaries.
• Grant may be up to 50% of eligible costs with a maximum up to $10,000 per property.
• No more than $40,000 in total sum of grants issued will be awarded during a given year.
• All grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served, basis for projects producing the most visible facade changes and having maximum impact.
• Funding is limited and the amount awarded for a project is at the discretion of the B.I.D. Board of Directors.
• Grant is only for actual owner-paid expenses approved by the Committee.
Eligible Activities— Street facing facades are the top priority of the program.
1. Awnings or canopies not considered signs. Awning or canopy must be decorative and used to define an entry or window area.
2. Cleaning exterior building surface if painting is not needed.
3. Door replacement.
4. Entranceway.
5. Exterior lighting permanent to building.
6. Fencing and/or screening.
7. Gutters and/or downspouts visible on building exterior.
8. Handicap accessibility.
9. Landscaping/Streetscaping – permanently attached planter boxes, planters, benches, containers, and bike racks.
10. Painting and preparation of exterior building surfaces.
11. Parking lot improvements – paving, re-striping of parking lots, buffer zone, garage enclosures, and lighting.
12. Removal of non-historic/non-original elements.
13. Replacement/addition of architectural elements – repair of non-original material which cannot be removed due to deterioration of the underlying original building material.
14. Repair and/or replacement of the original building’s materials, historic elements, and decorative details which are deteriorated or missing.
15. Roof repair or roof flashing that is visible as it relates to architectural façade changes.
16. Roof replacement related to front façade only and subject to limitation.
17. Sidewalk repair.
18. Sidewalk replacement – stamped or decorative brick work.
19. Siding repair.
20. Siding replacement.
21. Tuck pointing/masonry repair.
22. Window replacement.
23. Window repair – all building windows including, display windows, transom, basement or second story facing a public street or alley way.
24. Funds will only be provided for projects that conform to all Village of Hartland, WI zoning, permitting, and licensing requirements, along with necessary Village of Hartland Architectural Board approval.
Non-Eligible Activities
1. Routine building maintenance and repair, as defined by Treasury Regulation 1.162-4 (“the cost of incidental repairs which neither materially add to the value of the property nor appreciably prolong its life, but keep it in an ordinarily efficient operating condition”), unless specifically enumerated as eligible, above.
2. Work on a building exterior not visible from a public street or alley way.
3. Roof repairs/replacement not related to an exterior façade improvement.
4. Structural foundations, billboards, security systems, non permanent fixtures, interior window coverings, signs and awnings considered business advertising, security bars, and barbed wire fencing.
5. Purchase of property and/or buildings.
6. Construction of a new building.
7. Demolition.
8. Fixtures, furnishings, and equipment.
9. Inventory.
10. Work done before approval of an application for this Façade Improvement Program.
Non-Eligible Buildings
1. Properties will not be eligible if any special assessments, real estate taxes or personal property taxes are delinquent.
2. Work in progress or performed before a complete application is submitted is not eligible. Any work done before approval of an application agreement for this Façade Improvement Program.
3. Exclusively residential property.
4. Tax exempt property.
5. Property in litigation, mediation, condemnation, or receivership.
6. Property with outstanding code violation orders, unless these are corrected as part of the project.
Eligible Applicants
1. Owners or owner/tenant joint ventures may submit a written application. Prior to the start of the project and before approval the percentage of funds to each applicant must be determined.
2. Eligible buildings qualify for a maximum of $10,000. Applicant may apply more than once as long as the building does not exceed the maximum grant. The maximum grant will be available again after a five-year time frame. If a building is sold or transferred and the new owner wishes to apply for the grant, the five-year time frame still applies. The five year-time frame begins at the date the improvements are completed. The B.I.D. Board may prioritize first-time applicants over repeat applicants.
1. The B.I.D. Design Committee will meet to review the application. The applicant is encouraged to attend the meeting when scheduled to help expedite the application review process. If approved, the application is referred to the B.I.D. Board of Director’s for final decision.
2. A written approval or denial letter will be issued to the applicant within 14 days of B.I.D Board decision. A copy of the letter will be sent to the Village of Hartland Building Inspection Department.
3. Owner/applicant must contact the Village of Hartland regarding regulations and permits for building alterations. A permit is required for exterior alterations and Village approval must be obtained prior to the start of any work. Contact the Village of Hartland, Building Inspector at 210 Cottonwood Avenue, Hartland, WI 53029 or phone 262-367-2714 for permit information.
4. Owner/applicant must also obtain approval from the Village of Hartland Architectural Review Board.
5. Upon obtaining all approvals, the owner/applicant and the Hartland B.I.D. execute an agreement in which the owner/applicant agrees to complete the project within one year. In return, the Hartland B.I.D. agrees to reimburse the owner/applicant for 50% of the cost of the project, up to $10,000 upon completion of the pre-approved, applicant-paid work.
6. Upon approval, the applicant has 90 days to initiate the work unless an extension is approved in writing.
7. As necessary, confer with B.I.D. staff during course of work to ensure project’s compliance as originally submitted.
8. Notify the Village of Hartland Building Inspector upon completion to schedule a final inspection.
9. Notify B.I.D. upon completion of project to schedule an inspection by the B.I.D. representatives for compliance to the program.
10. Submit paid receipts for the completed project to the B.I.D. office along with a copy of the finalized building permit.
11. The applicant must agree to complete, sign, and submit a W-9 in order for disbursement of grant funds.
12. The awarded grant will be reimbursed after all the work is done and the inspections are complete.
1. Funding is limited and the amount awarded for a project is on a first-come, first-served basis.
2. Priority will be given to projects producing the most visible façade changes based on Design Committee review.
3. Owners, tenants, or owner/tenant joint ventures may submit application.
4. Applicant must comply with the program standards.
5. A completed application must be submitted to determine eligibility for the program.
6. The B.I.D. Design Committee must give approval for any changes and the written changes will be signed, dated, and attached to the original application. Any alterations or deviations to the project will result in denial of grant funds.
7. The application may be denied if the existing condition of the building requires significant repairs or restoration.
8. Grants will only be provided for projects that conform to all Village of Hartland, WI zoning, permitting, and licensing requirements, along with any necessary Village approvals.
9. Approved work must be completed within 90 days from the date the approval letter is signed. Extensions must be requested in writing and may be denied.
10. No applicant has the proprietary right to receive grant funds.
Priority will be given to projects producing the most visible façade (street facing) changes based on B.I.D. Design Committee review.
Category A – Highest and best use project producing the most visible changes and maximum impact.
1. Awning and canopy.
2. Entranceway.
3. Exterior lighting.
4. Landscaping and streetscaping.
5. Painting and preparation.
6. Removal of non-historic/non-original elements.
7. Replacement/addition of architectural elements.
8. Siding replacement.
9. Window replacement.
Category B – Significant impact and visible changes.
1. Door replacement.
2. Fencing and screening.
3. Sidewalk replacement – decorative.
4. Parking lot improvements – street/front facing.
5. Roof replacement.
Category C – Repairs and changes that are needed but, the least amount of impact to the physical changes of the building.
1. Cleaning of exterior building surfaces.
2. Gutter and downspouts.
3. Handicapped accessibility.
4. Parking lot improvements.
5. Roof repair – visible.
6. Sidewalk repair.
7. Window repair.
8. Tuck pointing/masonry repair.
1. Complete the application containing all the requested information and submit it to the B.I.D. Director.
2. Staff will review the application and meet with the owner/applicant to discuss the project.
3. The B.I.D. encourages two (2) written proposals from qualified and/or licensed contractors to complete the project in accordance with the approved plans, specifications, cost estimate, and all applicable samples.
4. Submit the proposals to B.I.D. for review and approval. Contractor proposals or bids must be current and dated no earlier than 60 days prior to the application.
5. Applicant submits the application one week before the Design Committee meeting with the following:
• Completed application form.
• Two or more photographs of the existing building, all sides.
• Samples and color selections of material used.
• Manufacturer’s literature and specs for windows, doors, etc.
• Drawings of proposed improvements, where applicable.
• Façade elevations, including height, length and width measurements, where applicable.
• Site plan with building outline, where applicable.
• Landscape plan, where applicable.
6. Return completed application to: Hartland BID, 135 Cottonwood Ave, Hartland, Wisconsin 53029.
7. B.I.D. staff will determine if the application is complete for the Design Committee approval meeting.
8. The B.I.D. Design Committee meets the first Friday of each month, or when scheduled, and the applicant’s presence at the meeting is highly encouraged to help expedite the application review process.

Hartland Business Improvement District Façade Improvement Grant Program Application

Legal entity of applicant, check one
Status of Applicant

If Tenant

have read and understand the process and rules to receive the Hartland B.I.D. Façade Improvement Grant Program funds. I understand that failure to abide by the outline process and rules will result in denial of the funds. I understand the project may be inspected by representatives of the B.I.D. for compliance to the project as submitted with the application. I understand that should the project be found not in compliance with the original application and proposal as submitted and approved, I may be denied issuance of the B.I.D. grant funds. The undersigned applicant(s) affirms that the information submitted herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have read and understand the conditions of the Hartland B.I.D. Façade Improvement Grant Program and agree to by the conditions and guidelines.

The applicant’s presence at the B.I.D. Design Committee meeting is highly encouraged to help expedite the application review process. Thank you for submitting your application to the Hartland Business Improvement District.